Thermal protector is a safety component preventing abnomal heat and fireing of secondary battery from over current situation. It is optimal for Li-ion battery used in laptop PCs, tablet PCs, smart phone, digital camera, and for Ni-MH battery / Ni-Cd battery in medical equipments, wireless communication radio equipments, deta server, emergency back up power unit and so on.
Takano Precision Industry had commercialized thermal products utilizing our own unique technologies such as precision press, composite press as switching element represented by contact composite terminal, resin molding technologies.
Feature of Takano's thermal protectors is variety of option matching to our customer's usage, KT1 series. Another feature is possible to apply high current through protector even with miniature size, Mini protector series. With these unique feature, Takano's thermal protector is widely used by our customers.


KT1 series ST series LiB series
Customize Protector
KT1 Series

Variety option

Mini Protctor
ST Series

High current capacity with Small size

Mini Protctor
LiB Series

Small and Slim size

Thermal protector info

- English ver -@@Thermal Protector Catalog Vol 14

- Japanese ver - Thermal Protector Catalog Vol 14